My name is Nur
I am a freelance web designer and photographer.
I have been using Adobe Photoshop since 2000.
When I am not designing website, taking photos,
or writing article; I create custom photoshop brushes.
Creating photoshop brushes, relaxes me.
I get the enjoy colors, shapes, harmony.
Some people knit, some do crochet, some watch TV,
I create virtual brushes. Why not?

A few words about delivery, if you did not received the brush set, do not panic,
I will send it to you via email.
Just make sure that you send me the correct email address,
and my email did not end up your junk mail folder.
If the problem not solved, just send me an email,
give your alternative email address, I will resend the files.
By the way, I live west cost America, consider the time difference.
I usually send the files within 24 hours.
I may be sleeping during the night, so please wait till morning to see your new brush.
It is an instant delivery link you will get as soon as you pay.
        and have a good day :-)

If you like to contact me please send an email.

send email

You may also send your files to me if you want me to create custom photoshop brushes from these images.
Accepted files: .jpg .gif .png and .pdf



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