How to use install abr brushes in GIMP?

gimpYou can use .abr brushes in GIMP.

You need to have at least GIMP version 2.4 or higher at your computer.

If you do not have GIMP, you can download free.
For more information visit web site:
Install GIMP 2.6 easily on the Mac using the packages provided by GIMP on OS X.

I am using MAC (Snow Leopard) in this tutorial to show you installation of abr brushes.

Step 1. Go to application area and find GIMP folder there.

macc app I have a shortcut on my desktop!

Step 2. You will see GIMP icon there.

gimp I pointed with green arrow.

Step 3. Right click on the icon. Choose Show Package Contents.


Step 4. Then click on the Contents folder.


Step 5. Inside there are a few folder, there click on the Resources folder.


Step 6. Inside the Resources folder, there click on Share folder.


Step 7. Inside the Share folder, click on gimp folder.


Step 8. Inside the gimp folder, click on 2.0 folder.


Step 9. Inside the 2.0 folder, click on brushes folder.


Step 10. In There simple drag and drop or copy and paste the abr brush.


Step 11. Now run the program in order to see your new brush.


All the brushes you can see floating window.

Step 12. To use a brush, just choose the brush tip from the brush palette.

GIMP Pick your brush there.

Step 13. To use the brush, after picking the brush, click on a canvas.

Look at the sample use here.

PS: I used MAC version GIMP 2.6 in this tutorial.

What is Gimp ?


GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching,
image composition and image authoring.
It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

You can use abr brushes to draw patterns and shapes on the canvas or photos.

The GIMP team doesn't provide official Mac binaries.
You can, however, install GIMP 2.6 easily on the Mac using the packages provided by GIMP on OS X.


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